20 Seconds To Mars
They said it's not possible to fly to Mars within 20 seconds. Let's prove them otherwise! In this very short game you have to fly with your rocket to Mars within 20 seconds. Evade incoming enemy ships, asteroids and the gravity of the sun to reach Mars as fast as possible. Good luck, Commander!

A Hole In Space
A "small" universe simulation, where you play as a black hole and try to absorb the whole universe. You decide the size and shape of the universe. Could also be used as a less meaningful CPU benchmark.

Agent Tempus
A fast paced twin-stick action co-op shooter with a time theme. You can play it locally with as many players as you have input devices. This is possible, because the suit allows to switch room-time dimensions. But beware, a bullet can not differ between friend and enemy. Choose your side and keep the back of the other agents free.

Artificial Warfare
A real-time strategy game with first-person elements based on the old "Machines" (1999) game in combination with C&C gameplay and also with Earth 2150 like tech-tree and modular units.

Catchy Catch Car
It is basically a 2D-"Play Tag" game. The catcher tries to catch the other players and if he hit them, the hitted player becomes the new catcher. As long as you're the catcher you lose life points. You can also lose life points by hitting the red spike ball. The last player with life points left is the winner.

Citadel Keeper
A 2D medieval fantasy game where you have to build your own citadel. Recruit and train peasants to send them on adventures and fight in tactical turn-based combat.

Clever AI: Arcade Universe
A 2.5D space shooter where you take control of a spaceship and shoot down every incoming obstacles and enemies. Use items to your advantage and buy new ships to be ready for increasingly difficult waves of enemies. An AI play mode shows the machine learning artificial intelligence in action.

Clever AI: Rock Paper Scissors
This app differs from other rock-paper-scissors games in that it has an adaptive AI. In most of the games there is no AI, but a random chance of 1/3 whether scissors, stone or paper will be used. In this app, the AI has a function pool of evaluating statistics on which the AI can fall back. The calculations are only based on past inputs from the player and the AI. The AI does not look at the current selection of the player at any time. Furthermore, the AI independently decides which function it takes for its opponent and how much the selected function is weighted in comparison to the others. As a result, the AI adapts to the player steadily and thus improves with every further move to counter the player.

Cursed Dungeon Raider
Cursed Dungeon Raider is an Indiana Jones / Tomb Raider like horror game, where you have to recover real historic artifacts based of 3D scans from excavation sites, which are filled with traps and mystical monsters from the respective region.

Custom Sudoku
A simple Sudoku app which can create infinite Sudokus. Customizable in difficulty and size. No ads!

Foxy Tales
A 2D adventure game in which you have to make decisions in life. The protagonist Fulvia is searching for an escape of this mystic world and encounters serious decisions which can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Honeycomb Enigma
A difficult hexagon based puzzle game. The task is to fill the complete hive with honey. You place one bee on a honeycomb and it will fill it with honey. If a honeycomb is surrounded by three filled neighbours, this honeycomb will fill itself automatically. Try to fill the hive with as less bees as possible to get the golden crown!

Matrix Brain Twister
A brain twisting puzzle game, where you have to fill the whole matrix with the same color to solve the riddle. Only recommended for clever people and those who like to suffer from difficult riddles.

Matrix Brain Twister 2D
In this puzzle game you have to solve the matrices by filling all areas with one color by touching one field. The touched area and it's horizontal and vertical neighbours will change their color. If all fields are filled with the same active color, the level is cleared.

Meme Maze of Oppression VR
By watching to many YouTube videos and playing horror games, your brain is imprison yourself in a surreal world bonded to a wheelchair. You have to find the way out of every maze to escape this spoopy nightmare of your chaotic brain.

Pong Ping
Basically it is Pong with little extras. You can play the classic version with fixed positions or the half- or full-roam version. Moreover you can play it with a friend on one screen and also play against an AI or let the AI compete to each other.

Puppo The Corgi
This demo scene is created by Unity and is showcasing a maching learning algorithm, which is used for the corgi movement. I only did some small changes and build it across all kinds of platforms, so that you don't have to download and work with the Unity Editor to experience these cute little doggos.

RPS Battle Simulator
Rock Paper Scissors Battle Simulator is a tiny idle simulation game created for the community as promised. In this game rock, paper and scissors compete against each other according to the well-known rules. You can choose between Annihilation or Conquest game mode to either see them decimate or conquer each other.